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Meet founder and designer Myrah Peñaloza

This is a story about following an inspired idea to its fullest expression. You never really know where creative life will take you once you start. The journey of this project really began when I met my hubby @Robindra and he looked me in the eyes and touched my heart and said I believe in you. From there, we took one baby step at a time, listened to the call of the muse, you know, those ah-ha moments of inspiration where you know you have to act upon it.  

I lead women's circles with a global women's collective called La Luna Social. I've always been into fashion and bringing my love for Kundalini Yoga and fashion together is truly a dream come true. Know that every purchase you make with us, there is someone in my little family doing the happy dance. We are a small boutique company looking to make a difference in every way possible. 

This collection is about a wild untethered love of expression with the intention of being of service, to uplift, to unwind, to commune and embrace your highest calling.

For Rob and I and many of our employees, that highest calling is being a parent. That's why our entire team works from home.

Instead of opening a factory or working with existing facilities, we set up decentralized production led by a mostly female team all working from their own homes. 

This way, everyone gets to spend more time with their families.

We believe that increasing the joy in our team's life, increases the love and intention we pour into each piece we hand craft in Bali.

What's at the heart of everything I do is an intention to empower women, every single day of my life.

How the brand was born

Following our hearts over 6 years ago we launched our first festival designed to create space for people to feel empowered and to BLOOM. Bloom Festival was our first baby and after our second festival, we met MC Yogi and Amanda Giacomini who invited us to join them to teach yoga, play music (my hubby is a DJ) at festivals around India.

It was in India when the musings started to be drawn down in my journal and we started to bring this idea to life. We currently planning our 6th Annual Gathering, which brings together over 1000 woman & men from around the world for a weekend of inspiration, meditation and Kundalini Yoga. 

We believe that Kindness Rules

We believe that kindness is the most powerful ways to make the world a better place. Kindness in how we communicate with each other, with our community, with our team, with our suppliers and ultimately with ourselves.  Self-Love is the first step to take when taking on a kindness practice if we cannot be kind to ourselves, we certainly cannot hold that space for how we show up in the world. We are a stand for self-love because self-love leads to kindness, kindness leads to respect, trust and the occasional cute heart shaped emoji's. We will at every step attempt to give people the benefit of the doubt and we will do everything we can to help everyone on our path's be our best selves. 

Our relationships with our customers and with each other are built on trust, respect, and the occasional cute animal gif. We leave our egos out of the equation, we give people the benefit of the doubt, and we help one another to be our best selves.

We believe that everyday fashion should be comfortable, simple and helps you express your naturally occurring radiance and beauty.

We believe that, everyone makes a difference, big or small. You matter. We believe that we can all make the world a better place by transforming the work that we all do to one that serves and supports humanity, in anyway possible, large or small your work makes a difference.

How we make a difference: With every purchase you help us make a difference in the lives of the marginalized youth and women that we support in Bali, through the Bali Wise Program. 

We believe kindness is the most powerful way to make the world a better place

For mother earth

We are not perfect and like everyone, we are a work in process.

We are the first to admit that we don't have everything figured out, but we are are always working towards making our production, operation and business processes mindful of the environment and as sustainable as possible.

We are moving away from all plastics in our production process and product packaging, in 2020. We are moving to recycled fabrics instead of plastics to wrap each piece.

Our fabrics are sourced from relationships and shops that our production team has been working with for close to 20 years. Our production team takes pride in supporting and working together for the last 20 years, creating sustainable processes and through consistent work, offering meaningful work for those in the community. 

We take pride in being stewards towards inspiring our community, production team, peers and associates as environmentally friendly as possible by leading through example.

By moving towards plastic-free packaging in 2020, we recently inspired other production facilities to follow suit. We believe that change happens through conversation and we aim to move the sustainability conversation forward through all of our business channels. 

For women everywhere

We stand for empowering women and supporting and building more and more women entrepreneurs. 

We want all mothers and women to feel empowered to follow their dreams, get the education and choose their vocation while getting paid what they deserve. 

We do this by leading through example, entrepreneur workshops, and our annual Yoga and Music Festival, Its Time To Bloom.

What's at the heart of everything I do is an intention to empower women, every single day of my life.  This collection is designed for today's Aquarian Woman. 

For our suppliers

Since our big move to Bali, we've been been focused on shifting production from factories to family oriented production from homes. 

We've grown from five tailors working at home to over thirty tailors working from home.

That means we're now providing thirty families meaningful work, while being paid a real living wage, while also being able to be with their families and work on their own schedules.

You might have noticed that many of our garments are limited quantity and can take a bit of time to get to your doorstep. This is an intentional part of building our more thoughtful supply and production chain -- one that truly cares about all of the people involved in the creation of every piece in the collection.

You can learn more about our commitment to Slow Fashion here.